This holiday I spent some time making a few browser extensions. It was a nice break from my usual pure-backend role at work.

Start page Link to heading

Start Page

I borrowed most of the theme and markup from Reddit and filled in my links, a few style tweaks and added a pic.

I didn’t publish this extension because it bakes in my links. I didn’t like the existing redirect-to-your-custom-startpage extensions because you lose the auto-focus on the search bar. I’m too accustomed to opening a tab and immediately starting.

Spotify Playlist Builder Link to heading

I really enjoy the end-of-year lists by reviewers, and to make it a little easier, I made an extension to build playlists from sites I look at.

  1. Bandcamp Daily
  2. Pitchfork
  3. Chirp Radio
  4. Spinitron

It’s basically some Jquery that runs on the page, scrapes for artist and song pairs, searches Spotify, and creates a playlist with all the tracks we find from those searches. It does a decent job, far from perfect, but works well for me!

The only downside is now I have an unreasonale amount of playlists that will take me months to go through.

Too many playlists




Music Lists Bonus Link to heading

I wrote a little command line tool written in python to take a txt file with tracks for sites or things that i can just copy paste the list into a file: